Sunglasses: End of the Year Student Gift Freebie!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Last year I shared the end-of-the-year gifts that I made for my students.
This year my gifts look just a tad bit different... same basic idea, just slightly different items!

First, I was in love with the sunglasses I found last year in the Target dollar section. They are cute, colorful, and pretty good quality (for the price). This year unfortunately they didn't have similar sunglasses, so I looked to Amazon! I found these Neon 80's Style Party Sunglasses  that were a good replacement! They were about $15 for a pack of 24, so less than a dollar each! And true to their name, they came in fun, bright colors.

Although I am thrilled with the colors, I have to say that these sunglasses are not the best quality (what can you expect for that price)! The lenses are a little scratched and I'm sure they won't hold up for a long time, however they work for the fun idea of the gift, and I'm pretty sure my students aren't really planning on wearing them all summer! Although they do wear them the whole day when they get them!

I used the same tags that I made last year and simply punched a whole in the corner and attached them with ribbon!

You can get these tags for FREE in my TPT store here!

Hope this helps give you an idea of a fun, simple gift for your students for the end of the year! I also updated my Survival Kit for Life, which I am adding a new little twist to this year that I'll be posting about soon! You can see last year's version of the gift here.


  1. Too cute! :) Everyone loves neon sunglasses!

  2. This is very cute! We finished last week, but I pinned this for next year. Thank you!

    Fit to be Fourth



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